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Crypto Arbitrage Strategy

Crypto Arbitrage

December 10, 2020 | 

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Crypto trading has become one of the most lucrative ventures in recent times. The crypto exchanges are exploding, with traders taking up the digital currencies. Of all the trading options, arbitrage trading remains one of the most popular.

Arbitrage trading is possible due to the volatility of the cryptos. The traditional financial markets are different from the crypto markets with inefficiencies. There is the possibility of a single asset trading at different rates in the exchanges.

A crypto arbitrage strategy allows you to take advantage of the lapse in pricing.

This article gives you all you need to make crypto arbitrage work for you. It covers how it works, implementation, and tools. In the end, you should be able to trade and make profits through the strategy.

What is Crypto Arbitrage?

Arbitrage in trading is the taking advantage of price lapses within the markets. The volatile nature of cryptos means the prices keep shifting. Not all exchanges update the prices at the same time. This leaves a short window where you can buy it at a lower price and sell it at a higher rate.

A crypto arbitrage strategy starts by identifying crypto traded on at least two exchanges. It's possible to arbitrate on a single exchange, however a little challenging. 

Once you have the digital asset, the next step is to gather the order books from both platforms. You use them to check traders' interests. 

Compare the opportunities for both exchanges to establish correlation. Proceed to buy the asset from the lower-priced exchange. Withdraw it to the second exchange and sell.

Keep buying and selling in these exchanges until the chosen correlation ends.

The process might seem simple at face value. When in a real sense, it involves several calculations of risk and profits. That is why you need a working crypto arbitrage strategy for success.

Types of Arbitrage Opportunities

1.    Simple arbitrage

Simple arbitrage is the easiest of the crypto arbitrage strategy. It involves looking into the price difference, then buying low and selling high.

The simple arbitrage opportunity doesn't need any special knowledge or tools. You only have to look out for the inefficiencies across exchanges.

2.    Triangular arbitrage

Crypto arbitrage opportunities are available in the same exchange, as earlier mentioned. The different markets allow one to track inefficiencies to take advantage of. It involves finding the arbitrage opportunity involving three assets.

An example is a trade involving Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum. The market supports various trading pairs. In this case, you will have BTC/XRP, XRP/ETH, and ETH/BTC.

The first step is to identify the base asset. In this case, it's Bitcoin. You trade the Bitcoin for Ripple, Ripple for Ethereum, and then Ethereum back to Bitcoin.

These trades come with pricing differences. This allows you to end up with a higher Bitcoin value. 

The only concern at this point is the possible high trading fees. The cost of the different trades can eat up into your profits.

Crypto Arbitrage Tools

Manual analysis of the different exchanges takes time. The price differences within the crypto exchanges are also quick. You might not have the time to execute everything to perfection.

For that, there are several tools to help you develop the crypto arbitrage strategy. The tools help you develop your trading skills within a shorter time. Top of these tools are;

  • Real-time data analysis

Most of the crypto exchanges update their data. It yet takes a little longer for some to update everything. That is where the price differences come in.

A real-time data analysis allows you access to real-time full depth market data. From which you can take advantage of the thousands of crypto markets available. 

  • Trade Execution

The execution speeds matter when it comes to crypto arbitrage strategy. The market updates quickly. You thus need to execute the trade the soonest as possible.

The trade execution tool allows you the luxury of auto trading. You don't have to worry about missing out on some of the identified opportunities. You only need to integrate it with all the markets you wish to take part in. After which, you are free from delays, odd bags, and other trading application issues. 

  • Track Exchange Accounts

Following up on all the trading executed takes time. You might not have it all in you to analyze markets, execute then watch as well. Some part of the crypto arbitrage strategy would end suffering. And if one point fails, there's no need for the others.

Tracking exchange accounts helps you check on all your trading accounts. It helps in tracking balances and managing the exchange accounts.

Pros of Crypto Arbitrage

Crypto arbitrage comes with several advantages, thus a great option for most traders. It comes with fast profits compared to other trading strategies. The trades, in most cases, end within an hour.

Arbitrage comes with a wide range of opportunities. There are several crypto exchanges with thousands of markets available—all these present arbitrage opportunities.

The crypto market is also still in its infant stages. Most of the exchanges are starting and are yet to have the top tracking tools. This allows a little longer period for the price differences. 

The market is also young hence lesser traders. This means low competition for crypto arbitrage trading.

Also, the volatility of cryptos is still part of the market. Cryptos are yet to stabilize since Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin a decade ago. They shift with the changes in demand and supply. For that, crypto traders are ever sure of an arbitrage opportunity.

Important Things to Know When Developing a Crypto Arbitrage strategy

Having the right information helps you create a working crypto arbitrage strategy. One of the things to note is to avoid BTC. 

Bitcoin takes the lead as the top crypto in every other thing. You might want to reconsider it for arbitrage due to the slow transaction costs. Consider other altcoins like ETH, with quicker transactions.

The other option is to look out for new crypto listings. They tend to come with little demand and competition.

Also, plan strategically. Consider how much you are willing to spend or lose. The same involves diversification and monitoring the market.

Bottom Line

You need the best crypto arbitrage strategy for successful trading. Use this guide as your starting point. The more you execute, the more you will become better at it.

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