Coinbase goes from $1.6 billion to $8 billion

The world of cryptocurrencies is an unpredictable world that attracts more and more investors each year. Regardless of what crypto-skeptics think, the blockchain and cryptocurrencies have experienced an incredible ascent.

The price explosion of Bitcoin is a blatant example. At the end of 2017, Bitcoin reached the highest value in its history.

This has not only benefited the owners of Bitcoin, but also the actors who gravitate around cryptocurrencies like trading platforms.

And mainly in Coinbase which is known to attract novices, thanks to its simple and intuitive platform.


A self-assessment on the rise and a new number 1 worldwide

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading platform based in San Francisco. Created in 2012, it is currently one of the most important cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. In the summer of 2017, the platform was evaluated by venture capital investors at $ 1.6 billion. With everything that has happened in the meantime, including the explosive explosion of Bitcoin, Coinbase has seen its members grow and its earnings grow and its value. In just 24 hours, more than 100,000 new listings have been registered, and some time after its application has become one of the most downloaded on the US App Store. Today, the trading platform would self-assess at $ 8 billion.

Basically, with its new re-evaluation, Coinbase becomes the world leader in trading platforms, surpassing its long-standing competitor Binance, which according to its CEO, would be valued at more than $ 3 billion. To put this amount in perspective, the price of Coinbase is a little more than half the price of Nasdaq which would be valued at $ 15 billion.

The valuation at 8 billion is information leaked during negotiations between Coinbase and its new acquisition This sharp increase in the value of the company is not only that internally, the brokers offered the sum of 4.5 and 6 billion USD for the acquisition of shares.


Coinbase in the process of becoming even more important

Over the past month, Coinbase has purchased, a company that earns Bitcoins by answering emails and performing certain tasks. The acquisition was estimated at $ 100 million, part of which was offered as Coinbase shares. Since the latter were not sold on public stock exchanges, the estimate was based on self-assessment, which was in the order of USD 8 billion.

At the latest news, the coinbase cryptocurrency trading platform will offer a new service that will attract more and more investors. The platform will launch OTC transactions very soon. In recent months, tradings over the counter have seen strong growth, the over-the-counter market deals more than USD 2 billion a month. With more and more big players attracted by crypto-currencies, offering OTC trading services would allow Coinbase to capture the influx of institutional money into the world of cryptocurrencies. The OTC trading service will enable high volumes of transactions without destabilizing the stock market.

By the next reassessment, Coinbase could still explode this amount. In the meantime, crypto-investors are still waiting to know if Coinbase will accept additional crypto-currencies on its platform or not.

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