On this platform you can use Bitcoins and Ether.

Benefits of this platform:

  • Very easy to use, you can store your currencies and negotiate with users around the world instantly.
  • It has 17 million users.
  • This platform is compatible with your Android devices.
  • For your peace of mind you are the only one to have access to your funds.
  • It has a security center to protect your funds against unauthorized access
  • Ability to use two-factor authentication.
  • Safety audits have been developed by world-renowned researchers. There is also PIN protection.
  • Backup and recovery is simplified with a 12-word recovery phrase
  • It has more than 20 currency conversion rates
  • It is available in more than 25 languages
  • It also offers a list of Bitcoin merchants in your area
  • She is open source
  • And she has a QR code support