Bitcoin, the revolution is on!

Bitcoin, the revolution is on!

I introduce myself: I am a big fan of citizen revolutions like a lot of people in this world and I own some Bitcoin and some Ethereum!

I am an anonymous citizen, with an anonymous address: 1NUUsmpnN1rNKCQBPC4Ni2Z3m6fUGngRkB

Since 2008 (Financial Crisis) The nasdaq (American index of tech companies) has risen by more than 600%. So 1000 euros in 2008 are worth 7000 euros today! Huge! And this is financed by central banks, especially with the buyout of bonds and zero interest rate!

If you analyze the big financial indices since 2008 or even 2000 you will understand that investing in the financial markets pays a lot.

If you look at the real estate index, for example, it has taken a minimum of 30% in a few years.

The economist Thomas Piketty, who wrote: “Capital in the 21st Century” tells us exactly about this injustice, as we citizens, we enjoy the growth of the state and the rich benefit from economic growth.

Here's an example that will drive you crazy!

In 22 years of ranking “Challenges”, the gross domestic product (GDP) French has barely doubled, from 1259 billion euros in 1996 to 2222 in 2017. At the same time, the fortune of the 500 richest people of France ranking Challenges has increased sevenfold, from 80 to 571 billion euros from 1996 to 2017. The cumulative wealth of the 10 richest French has been multiplied by 12.

And us? Where are we?

Has our salary increased? Surely, the blow of life has caught up with our tiny growth in wages (the price of the baguette, milk, our rent, and so on and better).

And then, one day, Bitcoin arrives in our life!

A currency that has a valuation of 161 billion dollars! And who does not belong to anyone! Nobody knows who created it and no one has power over this motto.

Once this currency in my wallet, no one can seize me as the banks do in case of bankruptcy or in case of debts! I can make a transfer anywhere in the world in a few minutes (15 minutes on the blockchain) I do not depend on the agreement of anyone! No need to call my banker. Nobody can punish me or forbid me to play online poker or many other examples.

There are many banks today that refuse to make transfers to Bitcoin stock exchanges! Our own money! They want to decide for us!

Today there are a lot of sites that allow me to have a wallet with credit card such as: https: //

There is an economy parallel to the traditional economy, without the states can put their nose in our dough! Give me the expression!

I think that today holding Bitcoin or other crypto currencies is a revolutionary act against the states and the traditional bankers.

Bitcoin took 1000% in one year and who took advantage? We! Citizens and people like you and me! And for once we can all make money!

For once a revolution that benefits citizens!

In the Bitcoin community, we target the 5% of global money transactions. We would arrive at a value of $ 100,000 per Bitcoin! Some even predict the $ 1 million !!

I advise you to buy Bitcoin to be part of the revolution on the move!

We are all revolutionaries in the soul! Are we going to create our own revolution? It’s up to you!

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