Opponents Of Bitcoin Cash Abandon The Lawsuit Against Bitcoin.com For Lack Of Means

The number of Bitcoin fork is so far so many that sometimes it is difficult to navigate, especially when some individuals intentionally mislead crypto-investors. The case in Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin is the perfect illustration. Many pro-bitcoin denounce fraud. Indeed months before Roger Ver the developer of Bitcoin Cash, through its website Bitcoin.com had labeled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as Bitcoin (BTC).

An Ambiguous Situation

Roger Ver is the target of many accusations, to defend himself, he used a long-standing argument; what is the definition of Bitcoin? Without clear rules on the definition of Bitcoin, the fact that it proclaims Bitcoin Cash as the true Bitcoin is not totally illegal.

According to Casa’s engineer, Jameson Lopp, “There is no site, no forum, no foundation, no business alliance, or anything else that defines Bitcoin.” Opinions are the subject are divergent and aggravated by the lack of clear agreement on a common repository.

Given the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, there were no exact answers to the question of the definition of Bitcoin. And Roger Ver uses these arguments to do what he wants.

Roger Ver

An Indignant Bitcoin Community

The community led by Money Trigz on the Telegram channel showed their outrage at Roger Ver. It seems that through his site Bitcoin.com, Roger Ver want to blur the distinction between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin, leading buyers to buy Bitcoin cash instead of Bitcoin thinking it’s Bitcoin.
Ragnar Lifthrasir, a passionate advocate of Bitcoin, also pointed to Roger Ver, and said he deserved to go to jail for fraud. In just 24 hours, his tweet showing his accusation was retweeted more than 500 times, and on the Reddit discussion forum many charges and appeals to the jail were found.

Qualified bitcoin cash bitcoin is for the Bitcoin community is serious crime that deserves severe penalties. On the Reddit forum, some people even came to sensitize the community to report the Bitcoin.com site to the complaint center on the FBI site.

Another enthusiast also said that “everyone is free to have their own personal opinion on Bitcoin cash similarity to what is stated in Bitcoin’s whitepaper, but to present it as Bitcoin on a commercial site where many newbies are looking for to learn more about Bitcoin is just fraudulent and misleading. “

In order to file a complaint, the group led by Money Trigz set up a website to collect donations.


Donations deemed insufficient

Although the Roger Ver movement has launched a fundraising campaign for the trial, just recently the leader of the Money Trigz movement said on Twitter that the initiative was in the water.
“We appreciate the 31 people who have contributed to the initiative, however $ 3,700 will not be enough to go that far, so we decide to cancel the initiative and pay back the money. “

Although the initiative was canceled, there was still movement on the side of Bitcoin.com. Significant changes have been made to the content of the site.

For the community that was ready to engage in this process, it is already a positive point. This is a great first, it’s the first time that Roger Ver has reduced his deceptive actions. The battle for the title of the real Bitcoin is not closed yet, but the Bitcoin community is ready for any eventuality

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