Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and now Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin suffered two hardforks, a first that gave birth to Bitcoin Cash. Then a second that spawned Bitcoin Gold.

Now it will be necessary to count with Bitcoin Diamond!

In fact, these splits within the most popular cryptocurrency come from the democratic system of the Bitcoin community: when there are disagreements in the community, the consequence can be a split generating a currency supposed to be better than the first one.

Thus the last hard fork took place at block 495866 on November 24th and gave birth to Bitcoin Diamant (BCD).

It must be emphasized that it was wanted by two minors who “were not satisfied with some of the major disadvantages of Bitcoin”

The two miners are Team EVEY and Team 007, totally anonymous.

What improvements does BCD bring?

Among the disadvantages of Bitcoin, we can note the slowness and high cost of transactions that have emerged over time.

These disadvantages are at the limit of blocks at Bitcoin, which is 1 MB.

As a result, BCD has increased the block size to 8 MB, which speeds up the speed of transactions: five times faster.

This is for BCD to reduce the cost of transactions.

In addition BCD wants to increase the confidentiality of these same transactions.

Which platforms will support BCD?

When launching a hard fork, the new crypto currency must be supported by the trading platforms.

As for BCD, it is already supported by 33 platforms around the world.

For example, Huobi.Pro, Bit-Z, Binance or OKEX.

When the Wallets that will support them, include Bitpie, ATOKEN or BitGo.

In addition, Linke Yang, co-founder of BTCC has announced its membership in the new digital currency. This news will certainly help BCD gain ground in China.

In addition, community teams have emerged in Italy and Korea.

North America and Australia should soon join the BCD community as well.

Will BCD be better than BTC?

For BCD developers, there is no doubt that the new crypto currency will be better than BTC and will provide improved solutions for financial companies around the world.

The total number of BCDs should be 210 million pieces, or 10 times more than Bitcoin.

On the other hand, only 170 million of these pieces will be put on the market, the remaining 40 million will be shared among community members as a reward for mining.

We will soon know if BCD has been adopted by investors.

Now, it’s up to you to choose your favorite Bitcoins !!

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