Bitbon System Review: Crypto Community Feedback and Opinions

The decentralized Bitbon System has successfully completed crowdsale and moved to the next stage — start of the Bitbon open bidding. The ability to purchase and sell Bitbons at the market price will become available in November 2018.

Along with a number of positive feedbacks, the project has raised an impressive amount of $88,464,449 during the crowdsale. 28,998 people became Bitbon owners. In this review, let us figure out what was of great interest to investors.

The project is based on the idea of safe crowd investing (Contributing is the original name) that becomes possible due to a thought-out model of receiving financing for the implementation of business ideas. The creation of such a model makes any fraudulent scheme pointless. The thing is that every business idea undergoes a thorough examination by a special agency competent in the matters of finance and business. Everything is being checked: potential profitability, business idea viability, its return on investments, backing by assets, profitable terms for investors, etc. This means that investors put their money in projects that have already gone through a certain filter. However, it doesn’t end at the competent examination. When the fundraising process ends, the entrepreneur does not receive the entire sum at once, financing is divided into stages. Each stage implies the examination by the same agency: how the project is being implemented, whether everything that was promised has been fulfilled, and whether reporting is conducted.

Main features of the project:

  • Backing by assets

If you consider Bitbon to be a crypto currency, you can safely assume it is backed. The process is simple: people invest their Bitbons, the entrepreneur sells them on the exchange and receives fiat money; when the business starts bringing profit, the entrepreneur goes to the exchange once again and purchases Bitbons to pay off the profit to investors. Thus, the liquidity of crypto currency is provided by the liquidity of real assets.

  • Ability to tokenize real assets

The System envisions the possibility of managing real assets through Bitbons, i.e., evaluating assets as well as managing and transferring rights to assets.

  •  Legal support of each project

Projectbon Public Contract is a key element of the Bitbon legal nature. This legal document is a digital agreement similar to the offer, which contains all terms and conditions for attracting funds to the project and regulating legal relations between all parties to the contract.

  • Interest shown by the real sector of economy

Due to the legal nature and the involvement of Bitup-Agencies as special auditors in the System, the project is quite interesting for the real sector of economy. Any major company can become a Bitbon System participant and attract financing for various business endeavors.

  • Bitbon Capitalization Fund

It is a separate wallet in the System that stores Bitbons and Projectbons, which belong to all users according to the number of Bitbons in their wallets. The Fund’s main function is to participate in the project financing and gaining profit along with other investors. While the Fund is being filled up, it significantly increases the Bitbon liquidity and raises the income level of each System user.

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