Beware of the SpriteCoin virtual currency !!!


More and more investors are interested in crypto currencies of all kinds. And this, in particular, because of promises of high returns.

Along with this craze, a new kind of piracy is born: the demand for ransom disguised as new altcoin. If you use your new currency, your computer will lock up and demand a ransom to free it.


Is SpriteCoin a real virtual currency?


Thus, a new digital currency was discovered by Fortiguard researchers.Labs of Fortinet. It’s called SpriteCoin. It is written in the Java Script language.

In fact, this cryptocurrency promises its buyers that it will be “profitable in a certain way”.

When someone downloads the operation file, he will be prompted to enter the password for the wallet and will be notified of the Blockchain download.

But there ! Instead of downloading a Blockchain, it’s a file named MoneroPay Agent.exe that will be downloaded.

First of all this one will encrypt the files of the computer. Then, the malware will take control of the computer and ask for a payment of 0.3 Monero (another crypto real currency this one) which equals 105 USD at the time of writing.


It would seem, therefore, that this cryptocurrency has no other purpose than these specific attacks.

Fortinet has also noticed that once the victim has paid his ransom, he receives another malicious order that will have even more disastrous effects!


How to deal with these attacks?


Fortinet’s recommendation to deal with this new type of hacking: back up important offline files on a regular basis.

Then store the backup offline on a separate device.

If you are a business: Because user interaction is necessary for the operation of malicious software, establish a security training program for your staff.