Analysis of the main cryptocurrencies for the next days

Analysis of the main cryptocurrencies for the next days

For some time now, the stock markets are doing well.
Most traditional products are on the rise.
There are significant differences with the increases in cryptocurrency.
As a result, wealth managers must use the digital principles. Of all the evidence of their investment in a part of their assets in cryptocurrencies.
Take the case of TOBAM, a French asset management company.
The latter decided to create a Bitcoin investment site.
Thus, his customers can acquire the famous currency.

The most striking example is probably the retirement of the bank JPMorgan Chase.
After virulently criticizing Bitcoin, she decided to offer her access to her clients.
The fact that investors like optimistic optimistic Mike Novogratz about the future of Bitcoin is also indicative of the climate around cryptocurrencies.
That’s why we offer an analysis of the main cryptocurrencies for those who want to invest.


Yesterday, many buyers are turning to the most popular cryptocurrency.
Since two days the Bitcoin exceeded 8000 USD.
This momentum could be halted if those who desire his life manage to bring it back below $ 7,700.
On the other hand, if BTC arrive at 8500 USD, this could be the sign that he directs towards the 9900 USD.
But before, the crypto currency could stagnate at a level of 9000 USD.
So avoid long positions for the moment.


For the last three days, the ether has resisted a downward trend.

If she can resist and overcome the current line, she will become positive.

Short-term goals are $ 395 and $ 421.

But if you bought below 315 USD, we advise you to put a brake at a loss of 330 USD.


Regarding Bitcoin Cash, our advice would be to initiate long positions at the level of 1360 USD and to place a stop loss at 1100 USD.

We think there will be a plateau around 1400 USD and maybe around 1549 USD.

But it is likely that the crypto currency is moving towards 1825 USD and even 2054.

But keep in mind that BCH’s business remains quite risky. So be careful about the percentage of investments.


The Ripple from 0245 USD.

It is possible that a correction brings it back to the level of 0.22 as it was on November 16th.

It’s better than the $ 0.245 in a day or two, it’s likely to hit $ 0.3.

Above, Ripple could be propelling to highs.


In recent days, the Litcoin from struggling to rise above 72 USD.

The cryptocurrency may be subject to correction, so a stop loss at 64 USD, for those who bought below this price, can protect your profits.

On the other hand, if Litcoin is longer than 72 USD, it is likely to reach the 82 USD level.

Good business to all!

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