Mobi Review

To which support is this wallet adapted?

Mobi is a bitcoin wallet for notebooks.

What functions do Mobi have?

Mobi allows you, only through your phone number, to send, receive and convert bitcoin in more than 100 currencies at any time with a very low exchange rate.

The service is instant, you instantly send your Bitcoins or currency of your choice to any phone number in the world.

Can we make payments with Mobi?

In addition, the Mobi Visa card allows you to pay anywhere visa is accepted. You can buy bitcoins around the world and withdraw cash from vending machines.

Registration is simple, just enter your phone number and you can find all your contacts easily from your directory, you do not need email or Bitcoin address.

Mobi is also a social network that allows you to add a message to all your transactions.

Benefits of the Mobi Portfolio

In addition to being able to store your currency Mobi gives you the opportunity to perform all your transactions in a simple and secure way.

He has a real credit card.

Its exchange rate is very low.

His social network is a plus.

The User Interface is easy to use, so Mobi can be a platform for beginners.