Unique Jobs Around the World: 12 Professions Found Only in One Country

August 2, 2023 | 


Joanna Newman



Our world is brimming with unique cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. This diversity often leads to the development of jobs that are specific to a particular country, shaped by its history, environment, or societal needs. In this article, we´re taking you on a global journey to explore 12 unique jobs that can only be found in one specific nation.

1. Matagi (Japan) Hunters with Ancient Traditions

In the snow-covered mountains of northern Japan, the Matagi have been hunting for over 1,000 years. They are not just hunters, but also guardians of the forest, respecting the animals they hunt and taking only what they need.

2. Whirling Dervishes (Turkey) Mystical Dancers Seeking Spiritual Connection

Originating from the Sufi tradition in Turkey, Whirling Dervishes perform a dance called the Sema. This dance, a form of physically active meditation, represents a spiritual journey, with the dancer aiming to achieve a state of trance.

3. Tóquio (Spain) Human Tower Builders

During festivals in Catalonia, Spain, groups of people called "Castellers" come together to build human towers, or "castells." The tóquio is the brave child who climbs to the very top of these towers, which can be up to 10 people high.

4. Amezaiku Artists (Japan) Delicate Candy Craftsmen

Amezaiku is the Japanese art of candy sculpture. Artists use their hands and traditional tools to shape warm, soft candy into intricate forms, often resembling animals. This ancient craft is a delightful combination of culinary skill and artistic expression.

5. Cheese Carriers (Netherlands) Bearing the Weight of Tradition

In the Dutch town of Alkmaar, cheese carriers, dressed in traditional white uniforms and straw hats, transport large wheels of cheese using wooden sleds. This historical profession dates back to the 16th century and is now a popular tourist attraction.

6. Trulli Builders (Italy) Stone Craftsmen of Unique Homes

In the region of Puglia in southern Italy, you can find unique conical-roofed houses called Trulli. Local craftsmen, using ancient techniques, build these dry-stone structures without any mortar.

7. Lava Tube Tour Guides (Hawaii, USA) Explorers of the Underground

Hawaii´s volcanic landscape features numerous lava tubes. Native guides, deeply connected to their land and its history, take visitors on journeys into these underground passageways, sharing stories of their significance.

8. Tuk-tuk Drivers (Thailand) Navigating the Streets on Three Wheels

The tuk-tuk, a motorized rickshaw, is an iconic mode of transport in Thailand. Tuk-tuk drivers navigate the bustling streets, offering locals and tourists alike a unique way to move around.

9. Gumboot Dancers (South Africa) Rhythmic Storytellers

Originating in the gold mines, gumboot dancing was a form of communication for miners who were forbidden to speak. Today, it´s a powerful performance art, with dancers using boots, chains, and their bodies to create rhythmic sounds.

10. Kangaroo Harvesters (Australia) Sustainable Wildlife Management

With kangaroo populations often becoming too high in Australia, controlled culling is sometimes necessary. Kangaroo harvesters are licensed professionals ensuring this process is carried out humanely, with the meat often used for consumption.

11. Professional Mourners (Ghana) Expressing Grief for Hire

In Ghana, some believe that a grand funeral ensures a good afterlife. To ensure a significant turnout and show of grief, families sometimes hire professional mourners. These individuals attend funerals to cry and show sorrow, amplifying the emotional atmosphere.

12. Water Sellers (Morocco) Colorful Hydration Heroes

In the bustling squares of Moroccan cities like Marrakech, water sellers, or "guerrab," offer water from large brass containers. Dressed in colorful outfits and wide-brimmed hats, they´re a delightful blend of tradition and necessity.


From the snowy mountains of Japan to the sunny streets of Morocco, every corner of our world has unique jobs reflecting its culture and traditions. These professions not only provide a livelihood but also serve as windows into the rich tapestry of global cultures. As the world continues to globalize, it´s essential to celebrate and preserve these unique professions, reminding us of the beautiful diversity that makes our planet so special.