The Astonishing Weight Loss Power of 'Granny's Sport': A Full-Body Transformation

July 18, 2023 | 


Joanna Newman



In the diverse world of fitness, new trends and workout routines constantly appear, vying for our attention. Yet sometimes, the most impactful exercises are those that have stood the test of time. A perfect example of this is what we lovingly refer to as "Granny´s Sport", which, despite its seemingly unassuming name, promises to engage over 90% of your body´s muscles. So, what is this magical activity? Well, brace yourselves; it´s swimming.

Swimming: Not Just for Grannies

When we imagine swimming, we often picture serene elderly folks gently cruising in the pool, floating on their backs in lakes, or leisurely stroking through the ocean waves. However, we seldom associate swimming with rigorous physical activity or weight loss. This is a common misconception that needs correcting.

In reality, swimming is a remarkably effective full-body workout. It engages almost all the muscles in your body, from your arms and core to your legs and glutes, making it a powerful tool for anyone wanting to lose weight and tone their body.

Dive Into a Full-Body Workout

To understand why swimming is so effective, let´s dive a little deeper into the mechanics of this "granny´s sport". Unlike running or cycling, which predominantly target the lower body, swimming requires the use of almost all muscle groups.

Arms: Whether you´re doing the breaststroke, backstroke, or freestyle, your arms are constantly at work, helping to propel you forward. This engages your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back muscles.

Core: As you maintain your body´s position in the water, your core muscles are always activated. This includes your abdominals, obliques, and lower back.

Legs: Kicking through the water demands effort from your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes, offering a fantastic leg workout.

Burning Calories: A Splash of Magic

Apart from engaging a vast majority of your muscles, swimming is an excellent calorie-burning exercise. Depending on the intensity and the stroke, you can burn anywhere from 400 to 700 calories an hour, comparable to running or cycling.

Additionally, the water´s resistance, 12 times that of air, makes each movement more challenging, effectively turning your swim session into a resistance workout. The magic is that it feels easier, thanks to the water´s buoyancy and cooling effect. So, you end up working harder than you realize, leading to significant calorie burn and weight loss over time.

Swimming: A Low Impact, High Reward Activity

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of swimming is its low-impact nature. Unlike jogging or weight lifting, swimming puts minimal stress on your joints, making it an excellent choice for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Even with a high-intensity swim, the water´s buoyancy protects your joints, reducing the risk of injury. Therefore, it´s a perfect exercise for individuals who are overweight, seniors, or those recovering from injuries but still want an effective workout.

The Hidden Health Benefits of Swimming

Beyond weight loss and muscle toning, swimming carries a multitude of other health benefits. Regular swimming can improve cardiovascular fitness, increase lung capacity, reduce stress, and even improve mental health. The soothing nature of water can have a calming effect on the mind, offering a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


So, is it time to dust off that swimsuit? Absolutely. Swimming, or the so-called "granny´s sport", is more than just a leisurely pastime. It´s a comprehensive, full-body workout that can help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and improve your overall health.

With its low-impact nature, swimming is an accessible exercise for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Plus, who can resist the lure of a cool, refreshing dip, especially in the summer heat? So, why wait? Dive in, and let swimming guide your way to a healthier, fitter you.