Uncover the Ancient Secret to Banishing Flies and Mosquitoes in Just 10 Minutes

August 2, 2023 | 


Joanna Newman



Flies and mosquitoes aren´t just annoying; they can be a health hazard too. Many of us have tried countless remedies and gadgets to get rid of these pesky insects, often with limited success. However, there´s an age-old method that can do the trick in less than 10 minutes: the humble clove. Let’s delve deeper into this natural remedy and explore its effectiveness against these winged nuisances.

1. The Trouble with Flies and Mosquitoes

Why Are They Pests? Flies and mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance. Flies can spread diseases by landing on food, and mosquitoes are notorious for transmitting harmful diseases like dengue, malaria, and Zika virus. Apart from health concerns, their constant buzzing and the itchy bites they leave behind can ruin a perfect evening or disrupt a good night´s sleep.

2. What Makes Clove So Special?

Nature´s Answer to Pests Cloves are dried flower buds from the clove tree, and they have been used in cooking and traditional medicine for centuries. But did you know they are a powerful deterrent against flies and mosquitoes? Here´s why:

  • Natural Repellant: The strong aroma of cloves can act as a repellant, keeping flies and mosquitoes at bay.
  • Safe and Organic: Unlike chemical-based repellents, cloves are natural, making them safe for you and the environment.
  • Eugenol: Cloves contain a compound called eugenol, which is toxic to mosquitoes but safe for humans when used appropriately.
  • 3. How to Use Clove Against Flies and Mosquitoes

    The Lemon-Clove Method This is perhaps the most popular method to use cloves as a repellent:

  • Cut a Lemon: Slice a fresh lemon into two halves.
  • Insert Cloves: Push 10-15 cloves into the pulpy side of each lemon half, ensuring the bud side is pointing upwards.
  • Place Strategically: Put the lemon halves in areas where you notice a high concentration of flies or mosquitoes. Change every 6-8 hours for the best results.
  • Clove Essential Oil You can also use clove essential oil as a repellent:

  • Prepare a Spray: Mix a few drops of clove essential oil with water in a spray bottle. Shake well.
  • Spray Away: Spray this mixture around your home, especially in areas where flies and mosquitoes frequent.
  • Floating Clove Candles This method combines the aromatic power of cloves with the warm glow of candles:

  • Prepare a Bowl: Fill a bowl with water and drop a few cloves in it.
  • Add Candles: Float some tea-light candles in the bowl.
  • Light & Relax: Light the candles in the evening to ward off these pests and enjoy a peaceful time.
  • 4. Safety and Precautions

    While using cloves is generally safe, it´s essential to be aware of some precautions:

  • Skin Sensitivity: Some people might be sensitive to clove oil. Always do a patch test before applying it directly to the skin.
  • Avoid Ingesting Large Amounts: While cloves are used in cooking, consuming them in large quantities might not be advisable.
  • Keep Away from Children: As with all remedies, keep cloves and clove oil out of reach of children.
  • Conclusion

    Flies and mosquitoes have been bothering humans for centuries, but nature has provided us with remedies like cloves to combat them. It´s a testament to the power of natural solutions in our daily lives. So, the next time these pesky insects try to ruin your evening, remember that you have a secret weapon in your kitchen – the mighty clove. Not only will you keep the bugs at bay, but you´ll do so in a safe and organic way. Say goodbye to chemical repellents and hello to the aromatic power of cloves!