Protect Your Traveling Treasures: Why You Should Plastic Wrap Your Suitcase Before Flying

July 17, 2023 | 


Joanna Newman



Traveling is an adventure filled with excitement and discovery. Packing up your suitcase with your favorite belongings and jetting off to a new destination is thrilling. But as you´re packing and prepping, there´s a simple step that many travelers often overlook – plastic wrapping your suitcase. Sounds odd, right? But it´s a practice that could save you from a multitude of travel headaches. This article will explore the numerous reasons why you should add a plastic wrap around your suitcase before flying.

Ensure Your Belongings´ Safety

One of the primary reasons to plastic wrap your suitcase is to protect your belongings. Airports are bustling places, and your luggage has to undergo a series of handling processes, from check-in to loading and unloading onto the plane. Unfortunately, this process isn´t always as gentle as we´d like it to be.

Plastic wrap acts as a protective layer, shielding your suitcase from scratches, dents, and other forms of physical damage. It´s a particularly good idea if you´re traveling with expensive luggage.

Deter Theft and Tampering

Airports are generally safe, but they aren´t completely immune to nefarious activities. Regrettably, there are instances of luggage theft and tampering. Wrapping your suitcase in plastic can serve as a deterrent to would-be thieves or anyone with ill intentions.

A suitcase sealed in plastic wrap is much harder to open discreetly. Anyone attempting to tamper with your luggage would need to remove the plastic, which is a time-consuming process that increases the risk of being caught. Therefore, a plastic-wrapped suitcase can give you added peace of mind while you travel.

Prevent Accidental Opening

Imagine this: you´re standing at the baggage claim, and you watch in horror as your suitcase rolls down the conveyor belt, open, with your belongings scattered everywhere. An over-packed suitcase, a faulty zipper, or even just rigorous handling can cause your suitcase to pop open during transit.

A sturdy layer of plastic wrap can help prevent such a travel nightmare. By securing your suitcase in plastic, you´re adding an extra measure of security to keep everything neatly inside, just where you packed it.

Protect Against the Elements

You may be heading to sunny skies, but your suitcase could be exposed to harsh elements along the way. From rain to snow, your suitcase may face adverse weather conditions while it´s being loaded or unloaded from the aircraft.

With a layer of plastic wrap around your suitcase, you have an extra line of defense against these unpredictable weather elements. The plastic repels water and can prevent your suitcase and the contents inside from getting wet or being damaged.

Distinguish Your Suitcase

Have you ever stood at the luggage carousel and noticed just how many black suitcases there are? It´s easy to mistake someone else´s suitcase for your own and vice versa. Wrapping your suitcase in plastic can make it more identifiable and reduce the chances of a mix-up.

You can also choose a colored plastic wrap for an even more distinctive look. Not only does it add to the safety of your belongings, but it can also save you some time and confusion at the baggage claim.

Economical and Eco-Friendly

You may be thinking, "Isn´t all this plastic bad for the environment?" The good news is, many companies offer biodegradable or eco-friendly options. So you can protect your luggage and remain conscious of your environmental footprint.

In terms of cost, the protective benefits offered by plastic wrap outweigh the small fee you´ll pay at the airport. However, you can save even more by purchasing your plastic wrap and doing it yourself at home.

Conclusion: Wrap Up and Fly with Confidence

Traveling should be an experience full of enjoyment and free from stress. Plastic wrapping your suitcase before you fly can help you achieve just that. It offers protection against physical damage, theft, accidental openings, and harsh weather conditions, and it can even help you identify your suitcase more easily.

While it may seem like a minor detail, this extra step in your pre-flight routine could save you from major headaches. So, the next time you´re prepping for your trip, don´t forget to add plastic wrap to your packing checklist. Wrap up, fly with confidence, and ensure that your belongings arrive safely, ready for your next adventure. Safe travels!