Maximize Your Holidays: Uncovering the Ideal Vacation Duration for Optimal Relaxation

July 17, 2023 | 


Joanna Newman



Does the length of a holiday significantly affect its impact on our mental well-being? Is there an ideal vacation duration that can maximize our relaxation and rejuvenation? These are the compelling questions that have intrigued scientists, prompting numerous studies to find the answers. And as it turns out, there might just be an ideal vacation length for us to reap the most benefits.

The Science Behind Time Off

Before we delve into the specifics of the study´s findings, it´s essential to understand why holidays are so vital for our overall health and well-being.

The Power of a Break

Taking time off work is more than just a yearly ritual; it´s a critical factor in reducing stress, boosting creativity, and improving overall productivity. It serves as an essential break from our daily routine, allowing our bodies and minds to heal, recover, and rejuvenate.

According to experts, continuously working without a break can lead to chronic stress, which can cause numerous health issues ranging from insomnia and anxiety to high blood pressure and heart disease.

The Role of Holidays in Our Lives

Holidays offer us a valuable opportunity to break away from the pressures of work, to connect with loved ones, and to indulge in activities we love. All these experiences lead to a reduction in stress levels, improved mood, and heightened productivity upon returning to work.

Indeed, the benefits of a well-timed vacation cannot be overstated. But how long should this vacation be to maximize these benefits?

The Ideal Vacation Duration According to the Study

A study conducted by the University of Tampere in Finland set out to identify the ideal vacation length. The researchers investigated the effects of holiday duration on the stress levels, happiness, and overall well-being of employees.

The Methodology

The study involved 54 participants who took holidays of varying lengths, from a short weekend getaway to a long, two-week vacation. The researchers tracked their stress levels, mood, and overall well-being before, during, and after their holidays.

The Results

The findings were enlightening. The study concluded that the ideal vacation length for optimal relaxation and rejuvenation is eight days.

Yes, you read that right! The study found that the beneficial effects of a holiday, such as reduced stress levels, improved mood, and heightened productivity, peak around the eighth day of the vacation.

Moreover, the study found that these benefits remained relatively stable for vacation lengths up to 11 days, after which they began to decrease.

The Explanation

Why eight days, you may ask? According to the researchers, the initial days of a vacation are often filled with travel-related stress, jet lag, and the hustle and bustle of settling into a new environment. It takes a couple of days for our bodies and minds to transition from work mode to vacation mode.

Once this transition occurs, around the third or fourth day, we begin to unwind and truly relax, with the relaxation peaking around the eighth day.

This peak is likely when we have fully adapted to the vacation mode, fully immersed ourselves in the holiday experiences, and found our holiday rhythm. Hence, the eighth day marks the sweet spot of a vacation where optimal relaxation and rejuvenation benefits are realized.

Making the Most of Your Vacation

Knowing that the ideal vacation duration is around eight days is one thing, but how can we make the most of this time?

Plan Ahead

One of the keys to making the most of your vacation is planning. Ensure that your holiday activities align with your interests and preferences.


It´s also crucial to unplug from work. Leave your work emails and calls behind. Give yourself permission to focus solely on relaxation and enjoyment.

Stay Present

Lastly, aim to stay present throughout your holiday. Engage fully in your holiday experiences. This might mean slowing down, taking in the sights and sounds around you, and making memories with loved ones.


The ideal vacation length for optimal relaxation and rejuvenation, according to this study, is about eight days. However, this doesn´t necessarily mean that vacations longer than eight days are ineffective.

The length of the holiday is just one factor in its overall impact. The quality of your holiday—how much you enjoy it, how relaxed you are, how much you disconnect from work—also plays a significant role.

So, whether you´re planning a short city break or a long beach holiday, remember to aim for quality over quantity. After all, the purpose of a holiday is not just to escape work but to recharge, rejuvenate, and create beautiful memories.

And, regardless of the length of your holiday, remember to make every day count. After all, the best vacation is the one that leaves you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to face the world anew.