Living Luxuriously for Less: Top 3 Countries Where $500 a Month Buys a Life of Comfort

June 28, 2023 | 


Joanna Newman



Who doesn´t dream of an opulent life, filled with breathtaking sights, scrumptious food, and plush accommodations? Often, however, the high cost of living can dampen these dreams. But what if we told you that you could live luxuriously for just $500 a month? It may sound too good to be true, but several countries around the world offer a high standard of living at a fraction of the cost you´d expect. Let´s explore three dream destinations where you can live like royalty without breaking the bank: Vietnam, Mexico, and Georgia.

1. Vietnam: The Hidden Jewel of Southeast Asia

Natural Beauty and Rich Culture

Known for its dramatic landscapes, rich history, and warm-hearted people, Vietnam has become an increasingly popular destination for those seeking luxury on a budget. Whether you´re strolling along the lantern-lit streets of Hoi An, cruising through the majestic limestone islands of Halong Bay, or indulging in the bustling nightlife of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam´s versatility is undeniable.

Luxurious Living for Less

For only $500 a month, you can rent a spacious apartment in a well-equipped complex in the heart of the city. Utilities and internet are remarkably affordable, often adding up to less than $50 per month. Eating out doesn´t have to be a luxury either, with a plethora of cheap, yet delicious street food at every corner. If you fancy fine dining, Vietnam has plenty of upscale restaurants offering world-class cuisine at reasonable prices.

The Expat Community

A thriving expatriate community in Vietnam is a testament to the country´s appeal. Language barriers can be quickly overcome, with English being widely understood in major cities. Numerous social clubs and ex-pat groups also provide easy opportunities to make new friends and acquaintances.

2. Mexico: Where Ancient Heritage Meets Modern Luxury

Diverse Landscapes and Rich Heritage

From pristine beaches and arid deserts to dense jungles and bustling metropolises, Mexico´s landscape is as diverse as its cultural heritage. Discover the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, wander the vibrant streets of Mexico City, or unwind at the tranquil beaches of Tulum – Mexico has something for everyone.

Affordable Luxury

In Mexico, a budget of $500 a month allows you to live comfortably. Renting a modern one-bedroom apartment in a city like Guadalajara or Puebla will typically cost around $200-$300 per month, leaving plenty for utilities, groceries, and entertainment. Mexican cuisine, known for its bold flavors and diverse ingredients, is both affordable and delicious. Plus, healthcare in Mexico is a fraction of the cost compared to the US, without compromising on quality.

Welcoming Expat Life

Mexico´s warm and friendly culture makes it an ideal choice for ex-pats seeking a welcoming and inclusive community. Many Mexicans speak English, particularly in tourist areas, making day-to-day communication a breeze. Additionally, the expat communities in Mexico are well-established, providing a network of support for newcomers.

3. Georgia: Europe´s Best-Kept Secret

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Nestled between Europe and Asia, Georgia is a country steeped in history and blessed with stunning landscapes. From the cobblestone streets of Tbilisi and the vineyards of Kakheti to the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus, Georgia is a blend of the traditional and the modern.

Living in Luxury

Despite its emerging popularity, Georgia remains an affordable destination. A well-furnished apartment in Tbilisi´s city center will set you back around $200 a month, while utilities and internet rarely exceed $50. The food scene in Georgia is remarkable, featuring a variety of local wines and the famed Khachapuri - a delicious cheese-filled bread. Dining out is a pleasant surprise for the budget, with a lavish meal at a high-end restaurant often costing less than $20.

Strong Expat Community

The ex-pat community in Georgia is tight-knit but welcoming. English is commonly spoken by the younger generation, and Georgians are renowned for their hospitality. There are also many ex-pat groups and clubs that regularly host social events, making it easy to meet people and make friends.


Luxurious living doesn´t always have to come with a hefty price tag. As our exploration of Vietnam, Mexico, and Georgia show, a comfortable lifestyle is well within reach for just $500 per month. These countries not only offer affordable living, but also rich cultural experiences, welcoming expat communities, and a quality of life that could rival any high-cost country. So why not take the leap and embark on your budget luxury living journey? Your dream lifestyle might be just a plane ride away.