Flying Solo and Loving It? 15 Signs You’re Unapologetically Single!

July 23, 2023 | 


Joanna Newman



Navigating the world of singledom can be an experience filled with a mix of emotions. Sometimes it´s euphoric freedom, sometimes it´s longing, and sometimes it´s just pure comedy. Are you teetering on the brink of the single-life realm? Perhaps you´ve been there for a while and didn´t even notice. Here are 15 signs that you´re not just single, but desperately single. And remember, it´s always okay to laugh at our own situations!

1. Your Bed is Your Kingdom

Your sprawling king-sized bed isn’t just for sleep; it’s a testament to your single life. You can´t remember the last time you shared it with anyone, and the idea of doing so feels almost criminal!

2. Your Pet Knows Too Much

Your cat, dog, or even goldfish has become your confidante. They´ve witnessed every late-night snack, every binge-watched show, and heard every out-loud thought you´ve had about your love life.

3. Weekends Are “Me" Time

Every. Single. Weekend. While others are going on date nights or double dates, your weekends are a shrine to self-love and relaxation. Whether it´s reading a book or experimenting with DIY crafts, it´s all about you.

4. Your Friends Have Stopped Asking

Initially, they used to set you up on blind dates. Now? They´ve just accepted your status and stopped asking if you´re "seeing anyone new."

5. Plants Over People

Your house resembles a mini forest. Tending to your plants has become your version of a relationship. The best part? Plants don’t talk back!

6. Couple Discounts? No, Thanks!

Whenever you hear of a “couples discount", your immediate thought is, "Where´s the ´single and loving it´ discount?"

7. Your Mom’s Given Up – Almost

While she used to bombard you with questions about settling down, now she occasionally drops hints about adopting a cat or two more.

8. Your Solo Adventures are Legendary

You’ve taken solo trips to the most romantic places on earth, just because you can. Speaking of which…

9. Grecian Getaway

Greece, with its pristine beaches and romantic sunsets in Santorini, is often considered a haven for couples. But who said singles can´t enjoy it? Exploring the Acropolis in Athens, taking a solo wine tour in Crete, or dancing without a care on Mykonos; Greece is a paradise even when you’re flying solo!

10. The Venice Voyage

Venice, with its gondola rides and narrow winding alleys, screams romance. But for the desperately single soul, it´s a chance to enjoy art, culture, and Italian cuisine, without the constant pressure of being a "couple."

11. Fast-Food Freedom

You don’t remember the last time you cooked a “proper" meal. Why bother when pizza, takeout, and instant noodles are at your fingertips?

12. The Phone Mystery

Your phone´s more silent than a library. No late-night texts, no random calls. Just the occasional notification from your favorite mobile game or shopping app.

13. Dates? Do you mean the Fruit?

When someone mentions "dates", your mind immediately drifts to the sweet, chewy fruit. Dating scene? What´s that?

14. You’ve Perfected the Art of Third-Wheeling

Going out with a couple doesn’t make you feel awkward. In fact, you´ve become such a pro that your friends even appreciate your third-wheeling skills.

15. Embracing Singledom with Humor

Every time you see a romantic scene in a movie or read a mushy quote, you laugh. Not because it´s funny, but because you´ve found humor in your own singledom.

Conclusion: The Beauty of Being Single

While society often paints a picture of being single as lonely or incomplete, the reality can be far different. Being single is a unique phase in life that offers freedoms and experiences that coupled folks might not have. It´s essential to embrace this phase, enjoy it, and remember that everyone´s journey is unique. So, the next time someone looks at you with sympathy for being single, just smile and remember all the fun you’re having. After all, life is what you make of it, regardless of your relationship status!