John McAfee Charges Over $100,000 Per Crypto Tweet

John McAfee Charges Each of His Cryptocurrency Promotional Publications for Over $ 100,000

For some time, the quirks of the founder of the eponymous antivirus software, John McAfee, has become almost a fad for most investors in cryptocurrency. Indeed, this atypical character of the new technology is currently considered one of the best VRP of crypto-companies.

Note that this pioneer of cyber security has mainly focused on cryptographic currency in recent years. He especially benefited from his influence on the community to promote cryptocurrency start-ups. According to a recent publication on his website McAfee Crypto Team, the computerist invoices one of his tweets for over $ 100,000.


A Highly Effective Strategy

According to the company’s brochure, this marketing strategy is among the most efficient and profitable in the field of cryptocurrency. Indeed, the brochure says that nothing can match the power of a tweet from John McAfee in the field of cryptographic currency.

In fact, a recent article on McAfee’s Crypto Team website also claims that a single tweet from the company can result in millions of dollars of investment in an ICO. In addition, several types of corners that have used their service have also seen their price increase to 100% after a simple tweet. Apart from that, the site also ensures that the cost per investment of this McAfee solution is even lower compared to other cryptocurrency marketing levers. The cost per investor is actually about 0.13 dollars if you take into account the number of followers.

The Secret of Cryptocurrency Companies Unveiled

According to John McAfee, he is currently the only person who dared openly disclose the exorbitant amounts spent by cryptocurrency companies with cryptographic developers. The computer expert added that this amount is really huge, but it is the sad reality.

Apparently, the main reason why John McAfee published these numbers is the transparency of his business. Indeed, as advisor to several crypto-companies and a stakeholder in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), he felt compelled to act in this interest.


Some Suspect a Form of Manipulation

As a reminder, the McAfee Crypto team is typically a full-service ICO promoter offering web optimization, technical support, and strategic consulting services. However, many of these services do not yet have prices listed.

Which is likely to raise many eyebrows. In fact, nascent cryptocurrency companies can pay up to $ 100,000 to receive a tweet from McAfee about their ICO. Among the 811,000 subscribers offered by the tweet thread, some can obviously be robots.

In addition, most projects supported by McAfee experienced a sharp drop following a significant price increase. Many users therefore think that the pioneer of the cyber-attack hides behind some manipulation.

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