How to choose your cryptocurrency?

How to choose your cryptocurrency?

The best cryptocurrencies today as you have guessed, are not limited to bitcoin, ethereum, or litecoin. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies on the market right now. In fact, there are so many currently available that it would be impossible to name them all here.

This list is therefore that of some of the most popular crypto currencies. For a complete list of the Top 100 crypto currencies at the moment, visit here.


Recognized as the first virtual currency, bitcoin is still the highest value currency. At the time of writing this article, a single coin is worth between 5000 and 6000 USD. It is a global phenomenon that we are still far from understanding.

More and more traders around the world are accepting payments in Bitcoin.

All other currencies since Bitcoin are known as “altcoins,” alternative currencies to bitcoin.


The ethereum (or ether, as it is commonly called) would be the second most popular crypto currency right now. He comes in second place after bitcoin. At the time of this article its value is between 250 and 350 USD. Even though this is much less than the value of bitcoin, some people predict that eventually the ethereum will be even more valuable than bitcoin.

One of the reasons for this prediction is the technology very different from that of Bitcoin.

While bitcoin can be used for shopping, ether could be more convenient and unique. Indeed, it can be used by large government institutions, or for contracts called smart contracts.

The Ethereum classic

The history of the 0 is a bit more complicated. The Ethereum Classic came into operation due to a Split within the Ethereum community. At present its value is around 10 USD.


The litecoin is the third most popular crypto currency lately. A number of events have triggered its popularity, including the Coinbase platform that has added it to its online marketplace with bitcoin and ether. It has a technology similar to bitcoin, but is “lighter” in the sense that its transaction processing is faster.


Ripple is different from crypto currencies such as bitcoin because rather than being exchanged via blockchain, it is centralized by a private entity. Merchants do not accept Ripple yet. However, it is used for cross-country exchange of funds.


Monero has become a popular virtual currency, especially when darknet market, and alphabay, have started using it as a preferred currency.


Dash was darkcoin in a previous life. It took a new name to change its link to darkNet. Its founders deliberately wanted to stand out from an illegal currency and become more legitimate towards users. It is still completely anonymous: transactions are untraceable. But the reminder of its dark past, makes it still a bit controversial.


NEM is a public / private cryptocurrency blockchain that has recently gained popularity. Like many other crypto currencies, its goal is broad distribution. Its innovative side is that the NEM technology is characterized by, among other things, “proof of importance”.


These are made for specific public services, such as marketplaces, or advertising.

Digital currencies facing tokens or tokens

The digital currencies are mined, while the chips are given during an ICOs-type initial coin sale, which is crowdfunding that aims to help a Blockchain company get started, by selling a number of chips.

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