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Should I Buy Ethereum? Is It A Profitable Investment?

  • Investing in Ethereum

The success of cryptocurrency in recent years has made it nearly impossible to deny the incredible potential of its advanced technology. Surely, Bitcoin has scared investors in 2017 by reaching records far beyond even the wildest predictions throughout the year. And still, these successes are nothing when compared to Ethereum. Now, as the second most popular cryptocurrency on the market, Ethereum could possibly outpace and outlive Bitcoin.

Launched in 2015, Ethereum makes use of futures contracts and has also managed to gain massive public interest. With this, Ethereum is no longer far from Bitcoin in terms of its market cap. Now, Ethereum has proven its profitability and according to many experts, it has even more potential than Bitcoin.

Now the only question that remains is not whether to invest in Ethereum or whether it’s possible to earn money with it, but rather how to optimize our investment. We must find the best entry point into the market and we need to understand the full potential of Ethereum and the implications that it will have on society.


Should I Buy Ethereum and Start Earning Money?

  • Buying Ethereum Quickly

Much like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also characterized by a considerable amount of volatility. Although, it’s not quite as extreme as that of the smaller altcoins and it turns out that the network’s currency, Ether, is not quite as risky. Today, the industry has come to a boiling point and offers massive financial and technological potential. But still, it is impossible to disassociate these benefits from the potential risks.

As previously stated, Ethereum is a less volatile and less risky investment. It seems to have a unique and guaranteed future as it has continuously been closing the gap between itself and Bitcoin.

Lately, Ethereum has garnered a lot of media attention and as a direct result, has attracted even more investors to the market. Buying and investing into Ethereum is one of the safest and most secured investments in the industry and, in terms of the company’s nearly infinite potential, a bright future is almost guaranteed.

Investment Strategies for Buying Ethereum

  • How to Buy Ethereum Strategically

The profitability of Ethereum has already been proven. Still, it’s necessary to know how to effectively enter into the market.

Of course, there are many investment strategies for cryptocurrency, but they all have the same goal: to make money. To do this involves a two-step process of buying and then selling. And, to generate a profit, the selling price must always be higher than the purchase price of the investment.

Buying Ethereum At the Right Time

  • When to Buy Ethers – Knowing the Market

It goes without saying that you must always resell your investment at a price that is higher than the original purchase price. Given that most cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, are characterized by extreme volatility, the market has the necessary dynamic to allow investors to buy and sell relatively easily.

This is known as a short-term strategy and requires constant analysis of market conditions. Experts agree that you should never buy at the end of rising market conditions or sell at the end of a period of decline. The difficulty in this is trying to predict the trends.


Buying Ethereum As A Mid to Long-Term Investment

  • Buying Ethers Quickly and Reselling Later

You can also make money investing with cryptocurrency by keeping it for longer periods of time. For this, one must have faith in the value of the cryptocurrency and the technological potential that it offers. For example, the “smart contracts” proposed by Ethereum are one of the reasons that it is now the second most popular cryptocurrency and is also the most used for ICOs. This strategy typically requires a significant investment and a lot of time dedicated to analyzing the extent of how the cryptocurrency will appreciate in the future.

This is the most recommended strategy for those with little experience trading cryptocurrency. Still, one must constantly be on the lookout for any industry news that could affect their investment. Social media networks are a great way to keep yourself informed on the evolution of the market.

Buying Ethereum Fast – Day-trading

  • Buy and Sell Fast – Instructions

For those who are in a hurry to turn a profit, this strategy is especially suitable. Basically, this strategy involves taking advantages of the markets extreme volatility and earning daily profits. In fact, we often see cryptocurrency experience several variations throughout the same day. The objective with day-trading is to take advantage of falling prices to make purchases and then to resell when the price is up. This technique is rather restrictive and requires a lot of time and dedication.

Technical Briefing and History

  • Technical Details

One of the main advantages of Blockchain technology is that it offers the use of smart contracts, which don’t rely on a third-party for an exchange or transaction. The idea of smart contracts is like a system that automatically issues bonds or a fundraiser in which all profits are automatically reimbursed by the Blockchain.

This explains why so many large start-up companies have turned to ICOs to fund the development of their projects. Also, nearly a third of the 1,500-alternative cryptocurrency use Ethereum’s blockchain, which makes them even more secure investments.

  • Mining Ethereum

If, for the moment, Ethereum is like Bitcoin in the way that its miners are paid for creating Ethers by using the Proof of Work (POW) method, the network could make the switch to a payment system known as Proof of Stacking (POS). This change would make it so that it would be impossible to mine Ethers for the network’s use.

The algorithm that is used for mining is known as Ethash and can be used to create a block of Ethereum every 13-15 seconds. Which is a vast improvement over the 10 minutes required to mine a single block of Bitcoin.


The History and Evolution of Ethereum

Today, there are many different types of Ethereum. This is made possible by splits or Hard Forks within the network. The two most prominent forks are known as Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

In 2016, during the creation of a decentralized venture capital system called DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on Ethereum’s Blockchain when we witnessed the split of the two networks and about 1,920,000 blocks of Ethereum. A simple computing error in DAO’s source code briefly allowed hackers to steal $60 of the $150 million dollars earned by the company’s ICO. And, it was Ethereum’s development team and their efforts to thwart the cyberattack that led to the split in the network.

Despite the network’s volatility, it still manages to attract an increasing number of new and innovative projects. And today, the exchange on money is no longer the only use of the Ethereum network.

Here are a few examples of what Ethereum’s Blockchain is being used for.

  •         Video games, namely the Cryptokitties project.
  •         The German company RWE AG and recharging electric vehicles.
  •         The Imogen Heap project uses it for the digitally copyrighting music
  •         Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

How Do ICOs Work?

  • The Definition of an ICO

Investors can also choose to participate in an Initial Coin Offering or ICO with their Ethers. For this, investors purchase tokens or shares in a developing project which they believe has future potential. After the ICO, you will then be able to sell off your tokens once they have gained enough value.


How to Choose the Best Broker for Buying Ethereum

  •       Safely Buying Ethereum with a TOP Broker

To buy Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency, one must either choose an exchange platform or a broker. Brokers are a simpler and faster way to buy in, but they only offer a limited number of different cryptocurrency.

Conversely, exchange platforms allow you to own cryptocurrency and invest in any type of alternative cryptocurrencies.

  •         Is the broker credible and in compliance with regulations?

Although there are very few regulations in the world of cryptocurrency, this cannot be said about brokers. In fact, brokers are subject to several regulatory provisions whose goal is to protect investors and their investments from scams and other types of embezzlement. A broker’s compliance with these regulations is considered a show of good faith and is proof of their reliability. For example, any broker operating in France must be registered with the ACPR and the REGAFI. In the US, a broker must be registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Reading customer testimonials and reviews is a great way to see how reliable a broker truly is.

  •         Does the broker offer competitive margins?

It is also necessary to analyze the quality of services offered by a broker. In general, brokers earn revenue through profit margins, which is the difference between the purchase price and selling price of a cryptocurrency. This can be compared to the commissions taken by brokers for similar transactions on the stock market. These margins will vary according to the policies of each broker.

To maximize profits, an investor should always choose a broker with the lowest margins. But, it is important to remember that this might be at the cost of the quality of service provided.

  •         Does the broker have a solid policy?

In today’s market, there is a growing number of brokers to choose from. Which is exactly why it is important to be sure of your decision before handing over any of your capital. Typically, brokers work in partnership with major banks to be able to offer the leverage that their clients are entitled to. Most brokers offer a leverage of 100:1, however, some brokers offer leverage as high as 400:1. It goes without saying that your broker must have a solid policy, otherwise, investing with them could prove to be quite risky.

  •         Does your broker offer a demo account?

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, it would be wise to choose a broker that offers its clients the use of demo accounts. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the market and practice trading without risking any of your capital.

  •         Does your broker offer customer support?

Another way to ensure the reliability of your broker is to compare their customer support to other brokers. Good and efficient customer support is one of the best ways to judge whether a broker has their client’s best interest in mind.

  •         Does your broke offer security?

Regulatory bodies have put in place regulations that brokers must adhere to, which ensure the security of their client’s funds. Brokers must comply with these regulations to keep the market as safe and secure as possible. For example, in the banking sector, brokers must keep some of their capital in liquid form to prevent bankruptcy and protect their investors.

Also, brokers must keep their client’s funds in a separate account, which prevent the appropriation of funds for any use other than the client’s best interest. In some jurisdictions, there are even legal instruments made available to investors to recoup any lost or stolen funds.

  •         Does your broker have experience and offer expertise in the industry?

This is an extremely important factor to consider when choosing a broker. Investors must carefully analyze the trade environment offered by a broker. Brokers, in turn, must offer a set of investment tools that meet all industry standards. This includes real-time price analysis charts, news and continuous updates on market conditions. Some brokers may even offer more in-depth analysis tools than others.

Alvexo, eToro and Pepperstone all three brokers who have already proven their worth and continue to attract an ever-increasing number of investors to the market. They offer some of the most competitive profit margins available, as well as having reliable and efficient customer service. Also, each one offers a comprehensive set of analysis tools to help optimize your investment.


Interesting Facts

  •         Ethereum was launched as an ICO.
  •         Ethereum is the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin in terms of its market cap.
  •         Ethereum uses Blockchain technology.
  •         It only takes about 14 seconds to mine a block of Ether.
  •         Ethers are the tokens offered by the Ethereum trading platform.
  •         Ethers are used by developers to pay transaction fees within the network.
  •         There is no limit to the amount of Ethers that can be issued.
  •         Ethereum will soon work with the process of POS (Proof of Staking)
  •         Ethereum is backed by several major companies including Microsoft, Toyota, Banco Santander,           JP Morgan, Merck GaA, Intel, Deloitte, DTCC, ING, Accenture, ConsenSys, the Bank of Canada and          BNY Mellon. All of which have formed a consortium known as the EEA.
  •         Ethereum uses smart contracts for its transactions.
  •         Unlike Bitcoin, whose Blockchain allows traceability, Ethereum focuses on keeping its services              completely decentralized.